Chirba Dumplings


Pork, scallions, and edamame for texture.  A warm and filling favorite.

Juicy Buns

Not to be confused with the Shang Hai style soup dumpling, this juicy pork-filled steamed dumpling is almost as cute as our logo and 100% delicious ^_^


Steamed vegan dumpling complete with daikon radish, tofu, bok choy, button mushrooms and scallions.  Yum!


Fluffy Buns (baozi)

Five Spice Chicken

Big, fluffy, doughy bun stuffed with a lightly spiced shredded chicken

Specialty Bun

Come by to see what we have this week!


Dim Sum Dishes

Edamame (máo dòu)

Boiled máo dòu (literally “fur bean” in Chinese) in the pod served cold and sprinkled with salt

Sweet Sausage

Sweet and savory Hong Kong style sausage – a Team Chirba fav

Glass Noodles

Mung bean noodles served spicy and warm with carrots and scallions


Best Dumplings RDU NC

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