Make your special day extra special with Chirba Chirba Weddings! You read that right, you can have dumplings, sides, sauces, and entrees to your hearts desire while celebrating love with your family and friends. Hey, guess what? We are a Bustle approved wedding vendor, which means we know how to make weddings magical. Let’s be honest, sometimes wedding guests hit that open bar and they need snacks, they want them delicious, and they have got to get back to embarrassing each other on the dancefloor, ASAP… Never fear, Chirba Chirba has got you covered! #BESTDAYEVER

Our team of skilled dumpling artists are ready to make your night one to remember, forever-ever. We have tons of options available to customize your dream wedding menu and fit your wedded bliss budget. Marry your person, make some memories, and eat some award-winning dumplings!

If you’ve just convinced your Honey Bunches that you have the perfect caterer, and you are ready to get down on some dumplings to celebrate your forever love, let’s talk:

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Show me the DUMPLINGS! So, you’re in charge of lunch for that mega-big meeting with all the bosses… You could do a sandwich platter from the grocery store (womp womp), OR you could bring in Chirba Chirba, and BAM, it’s best meeting ever. But wait, there’s more! Chirba Chiba can roll in to transform any event, not just lunch. Holiday Work Party? Nailed it! Bob’s retirement not-really-a-surprise party? Yaaasss! Yet another after work networking bore? Dumplings to the rescue! Be the boss of yummy-town… Book Chirba Chirba for your corporate or private event and get all the likes!

Convinced that delicious dumplings could step up your next event? I mean, it does sound pretty awesome… You should probably make everybody’s day and make it happen!

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Have you been chasing Chirba Chirba all around town hoping to calm your best-dumplings-ever cravings? Well, we wouldn’t want you to go without! Chirba Chirba now offers Drop Off to make your life that much easier. Pick your favorites, schedule a Drop Off time, and get ready for dumplings! We didn’t choose the dumpling life, the dumpling life chose us, but you CAN choose the dumpling life, and you should!

Make any day a better one with Chirba Chirba Drop Off. You can always check out the latest dumpling creations at one of our trucks, but we understand, sometimes ain’t nobody got time for that!

Check out our Drop Off menu here!


If you are planning something extra special that isn’t a wedding, private or corporate event, or a Drop Off… or if you just aren’t sure because they all look so good, we are here to help!

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