The Dumplings are Here

Thank you for your interest in Chirba Chirba Dumpling. We are excited to bring you an Asian street fare food truck specializing in Chinese dumplings. After years of dumpling studies through extensive tasting, pleating and learning secret family recipes, we have developed a menu that we think you’ll love. Find out where we will pop up next by following us on Twitter.

The Chirba Chirba Dumpling Story

Once upon a time, there were 4 friends who loved to make and eat dumplings.

After many trips to foreign lands where much delicious street food was discovered (and eaten), the 4 friends decided to bring their favorite dumplings to the streets to share with all from a food truck. Late night dumpling pleating parties have turned into inventive taste-testing and dumpling folding sessions at The Cookery. You can see photos of how Chirba dumplings are made!

Eat eat!       吃吧吃吧!       Chirba Chirba!


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