The Dumpling Truck is here.

Chirba Chirba proudly presents mouthwatering Chinese style dumplings.

After years of dumpling studies through extensive tasting, pleating and learning secret family recipes, we have developed a menu that we think you’ll love. Read more >>>

Want to eat our dumplings?  Find the big yellow Dumpling Truck!

What does “Chirba Chirba” mean?

“Chirba Chirba” literally means “Eat eat!” in Mandarin Chinese when you’re speaking to another person. However, the expression embodies a very warm, hospitable feeling when uttered, especially to a friend or guest. In an attempt to communicate the intensity of warmth of “Chirba!”, one might translate it as: “This is so delicious, and it makes me extremely happy to see you enjoy it without hesitation, so please, eat!”